Mt. Belford and Mt. Oxford summit

My girlfriend, a buddy of mine, and I attempted to summit Mt. Belford (14,197 feet) and Mt. Oxford (14,153 feet) on the 23rd of October a couple weeks ago. Needless to say we were unsuccessful. We have hiked up to the top of Mt. Massive before (14,421 feet) with no problem, but that was in late August when there was no snow!

This is the 13er as seen from the trail head that was blocking our view of Mt. Belford.

We drove out from Colorado Springs at about 4 in the morning and arrived at the trail head about an hour before we needed to (it was still dark). From the trail head, you can’t see Belford because there is a 13er in the way. About a mile or two into the hike we came across two guys who were on their way down. They said they had left the trail head for Belford at 11:30 pm the night before and that it was a blizzard at the top! It was now about 8am.

We stopped at the tree line for lunch.

I’m still not convinced they weren’t lying. Weather was amazing and the views were incredible but after a few miles of hiking when we could actually see the summit of Belford we realized that it was indeed iced over. Keep in mind that plenty other 14ers in the area were not. We stopped for lunch and then attempted to make it up the steep first step of the mountain, in which we succeeded.

Iced over Mt. Belford is on the right.

Coming back down the step

Although, once we were up there, we decided that if one of us were to slip we’d probably slide to our dooms off the side of the ridge! We made the smart decision to turn around but none of us were sad! It still was an amazing hike with some awesome scenery! Check out more great pictures here! For more 14er hikes visit For the Mt. Belford specific hike and the route we took visit the Mt. Belford / Mt. Oxford route page.

Mt. Belford is now my nemesis mountain.

What a great view!

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