Bad Wreck

Well I was witness to a horrible wreck the other day. I haven’t had time to post until now but I’ll give an explanation of what happened. I also uploaded pictures I took at the wreck less than a few minutes after it happened.

Here I am, driving back to work from lunch like I always do. I like to go home for lunch since it is such a short drive. I always take the same route, my truck could probably drive itself to work. I turn south out of my subdivision onto the main road heading back to work. I get behind a new Toyota car and we travel merrily down the road and enter the turning lane to take a left onto another main road. Both north bound and south bound traffic lights are green. So this is the case where you can indeed take a left on green (without an arrow) as long as you yield to any on-coming traffic. So that’s what my Toyota friend does (when I say friend, he wasn’t my friend, just a more respectable person). I am slowly creeping behind him to prepare to turn after he does.

Enter car number two, an Acura. Our Acura friend decided that it would be fun to drive double the speed limit in the north bound lane. So what do you think happens? If you guessed that my Toyota friend completed the turn and our Acura friend threw Krispey Kreme doughnuts out the window at us and wished us a merry day, you’d guess wrong. My Toyota friend slams on his brakes about the same time I notice the Acura is about to hit him. The Acura swerves to the right, taking off the front of my Toyota friend’s car. This sends the Acura airborne. It flies through the air and smashes into a very large wooden telephone pole. It was probably 20-24″ in diameter at the base. The power pole splits into four pieces and almost splits the Acura in half. The Acura lands on it’s hood while the back of it is barely still connected. As all of this is happening sparks are flying all over the place and fire is shooting out the top of the power pole. As the power pole comes down, power and telephone wires hit my windshield (I was stopped at this point) and bounce off my hood and bumper. The power pole stopped the Acura rather quickly.

It all happened very fast. From the time my Toyota friend started turning left to when the power lines hit my truck was about four seconds. I immediately backed up to get away from the power wires. Sparks were still shooting everywhere. I jumped out of my truck and started towards the Acura because I could see the guy laying halfway out the passenger side window. Obviously he wasn’t wearing his seat belt. As I started towards the car, the Acura driver’s brother had just stopped in front of where the Acura was wrecked (the silver car in the photos). His brother was traveling the same speed as the Acura, a short distance behind him. His brother ran over and started pulling the man out of the Acura. His subwoofers were still banging away and amazingly he was still alive. I admit, I wasn’t optimistic. He was covered in blood and screaming.

At this time, more people had stopped and come running over. 911 had been called and I could hear sirens in the distance. The ambulance arrived and took him away.

When the police asked me to write a report, I stated that as a result of his stupidity, power wires had fallen on my virtually scratch and blemish free paint job. I also stated that the Acura was traveling between 70-80 mph. I was fairly certain with this and when I picked up a copy of the final report, the measurements indicated he was traveling 76! I was spot on! The kicker is, the person driving the Acura didn’t have insurance. I’m actually not surprised.

All is settled and will be fixed soon but I still have to pay the deductible out of my pocket for my insurance. It’s a shame that this wound up being such an expensive trip back to work. I don’t know why he decided it would be fun to speed through an intersection like that but I do know that it isn’t just him; there are a lot of crazy drivers in this town.  I just thank the Lord that it wasn’t me taking the left turn.

Check out the “wreck” folder in the pictures section.

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3 comments to Bad Wreck

  • Heath

    Dude you need to write a book. I would buy it in a heart beat. Did you find out if the driver of the Acura survived or not?

  • I have to know…
    Who was charged with the accident?

  • The guy in the Acura was alive went they took him to the hospital. I don’t know how he is now, I haven’t heard anything. Also, I’m not sure who was charged with what. The way the police was talking they were going to charge the guy who was speeding with street racing.

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