Hangout Music Fest 2011

Four friends and I ventured over to Gulf Shores, Alabama to Hangout Music Fest 2011 on May 20-22. The 2011 event was their second annual and to be only their second event they had a fairly good line-up for my music tastes. The head-liners were Paul Simon, Foo Fighters, and Widespread Panic. The price of [...]

Mt. Belford and Mt. Oxford summit

My girlfriend, a buddy of mine, and I attempted to summit Mt. Belford (14,197 feet) and Mt. Oxford (14,153 feet) on the 23rd of October a couple weeks ago. Needless to say we were unsuccessful. We have hiked up to the top of Mt. Massive before (14,421 feet) with no problem, but that was in [...]

Ozark Mountains Vacation

I have uploaded the pictures I took during my recent trip to the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas.

2009_10_30_ozark_folk_center_mountain_view_ozark_mountains/ 2009_10_30_blanchard_springs_fifty_six_ozark_mountains/ 2009_10_30_blanchard_springs_caverns_fifty_six_ozark_mountains/ 2009_10_29_hawksbill_crag_on_cave_mountain_ozark_mountains/ 2009_10_29_goat_trail_bluff_buffalo_river_valley_ozark_mountains/ 2009_10_28_thorncrown_chapel_eureka_springs_ar/ 2009_10_28_steel_creek_cabin_sunrise_ozark_mountains/ 2009_10_28_eureka_springs_ar_observation_tower/ 2009_10_28_eureka_springs_ar/ 2009_10_28_elk_grazing_ozark_mountains/ 2009_10_27_the_lost_valley_eden_falls_cave_ozark_mountains/ 2009_10_27_the_buffalo_river_hwy_74_bridge_ozark_mountains/ 2009_10_27_the_buffalo_river_at_steel_creek_ozark_mountains/ 2009_10_27_the_buffalo_river_at_mill_creek_ozark_mountains/ 2009_10_26_the_glory_hole_ozark_mountains/ 2009_10_26_steel_creek_cabin_fog_sunrise/ 2009_10_25_steel_creek_cabin_camp_fire/ 2009_10_25_steel_creek_cabin/

Space Shuttle Endeavor – STS 127

After five scrubs and four trips out to Kennedy Space Center, I finally got to see STS 127 go up! [...]