Tis the season for pictures!

Lots of new pictures in the gallery!

Website Upgrade

Well I managed to upgrade the website to the latest and greatest without breaking anything! Everything should be transparent but you should take notice of the massive performance boost! Thrilling… I know! [...]

Pictures are online!

I’ve finally integrated my primitive picture gallery with the website. You can access it by clicking the “Pictures” tab at the top, clicking the “Pictures” link on the right, or clicking here.

Why so primitive? – Easy to use – A database error will not crash my gallery – Easy to restore – Fast – [...]

Getting spikapino out there!

I spent a few hours last night working on the site. Here’s what I accomplished: – Google Analytics is now tracking spikapino. – spikapino is now integrated with Feedburner. – I installed a sitemap XML generator which helps out certain web crawlers like Google, Yahoo, MSN (Bing), and – I installed a Search Engine [...]

Website Update

I’m still working on the website. Currently, the pictures in the banner up top are not mine, I plan to replace them with some of my pictures very soon.

EDIT: Just got some new header images loaded. They are little snippets of pictures I have taken in Florida, Washington D.C., Tennessee, Arizona, and Washington. I’ll [...]

spikapino 2.0

Well, I decided to put WordPress back on here in place of the old site. It was too much of a hassle updating it because everything had to be done manually with either Dreamweaver or notepad.

I’ll be working on the new site off and on. Hopefully I’ll figure out some Twitter and Facebook integration.